Accepting Digital Wallets

Digital wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, are virtual wallets that contain credit or debit card details, including a customer’s contact and shipping information. These are becoming popular methods of payment online and in-store, thanks to mobile phones and wearable smart devices that allow customers to authenticate and pay quickly. Accepting digital wallets in your online or mobile solution is one way to make the checkout process seamless, secure and efficient for shoppers. Here’s how.

Quick checkouts lead to happy customers

Customers can pay instantly because digital wallets eliminate the need for manual entry of not only the sensitive payment details, but also the cardholder contact, billing and shipping information. By making it easier for customers to checkout quickly, online merchants can generate both simpler sales and satisfied shoppers for their business. Customers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart and more likely to return if they know they can expect a hassle-free checkout experience.

Security is built into the wallet

Customers can intuitively authorize a purchase using face ID, touch or passcode authentication, with no manual entry required – speeding the payment process without sacrificing security. In addition to biometric and passcode authentication, payment cards are tokenized within the digital wallet. This adds another layer of security to prevent fraud and assure your clients that the digital wallet being used is in the hands of the legitimate cardholder.

Easy to use

When checking out on the web or from a native app, the cardholder will see an option to pay with their digital wallet in addition to the standard credit card entry form. After selecting their preferred wallet, the customer can choose from one of their existing payment types or add a new one to use for checkout. Their selection pre-populates all relevant data, including shipping, billing and card details, making the checkout process simple, secure and nearly effortless. For more information on Moneris’ portfolio of digital wallets, visit

How to Start Accepting Digital Wallets

Moneris Gateway currently supports four major digital wallet brands:

Each of these digital wallets is available to any Moneris Gateway customer, making it easy for you to build into your solution as a standard offering to your downstream merchants. There are just a few steps to follow to accept payments through digital wallets.

  1. Activate the digital wallets of your choosing in the Merchant Resource Center. For development and testing, activate the digital wallet(s) in our QA environment.
  2. Refer to the Moneris Developer Portal for the tools and documentation needed to develop to the digital wallets. There are many ways you can integrate to these solutions, from direct API to SDK implementations.
  3. Once you’re ready for live transactions, you can enable the wallet(s) in the client’s production account.