Kount ecommerce Fraud Prevention for Moneris Merchants

Moneris has partnered with Kount to create Moneris Kount, a fraud prevention solution for ecommerce merchants of any size. Moneris Kount uses Kount’s artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze customer data and purchase behaviour on every transaction, and reject fraudulent payments in real-time. It can help merchants reduce manual reviews, false positives and chargebacks, while accepting legitimate orders and improving customer experience.

Kount’s AI-driven system simulates an experienced fraud analyst to recognize patterns and anomalies in the order, and learn from historical purchasing behaviour, to detect fraud in milliseconds. The solution relies on Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, which links trust and fraud identifiers from 32 billion interactions annually to block even the most sophisticated payments fraud in real time.

On average, merchants who use Kount can:

  • Reduce manual reviews by up to 83%
  • Reduce false positives by up to 70%
  • Reduce chargebacks by up to 99%
  • Increase operational efficiencies by up to 65%

Configuration Options

Moneris Kount is available in two configuration options to support various business models and risk tolerance levels.

Moneris Kount Essential - Out-of-the-Box Protection Designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking to reduce exposure to fraud quickly and easily, Moneris Kount Essential provides ready-to-use fraud protection backed by a pre-configured Moneris ruleset for risk tolerance. The API integration allows merchants to review Moneris Kount results of transactions and then manually accept or reject transactions at their discretion. Merchants using Moneris Kount through Moneris’ modular pay page solution, Moneris Checkout, can set automatic approvals or rejections of transactions based on the Moneris Kount results.

Moneris Kount Enterprise - Tailored Protection Designed for large enterprises that have complex fraud strategies and larger sales volumes, Moneris Kount Enterprise allows merchants to tailor risk rules to meet specific business objectives. The comprehensive platform provides the ability to customize risk tolerance levels, and acceptance and rejection mechanisms, to accommodate specific fraud strategies and internal policies.

Optimizing Moneris Kount with Device Data Collector

Enhance the performance of your Moneris Kount solution with Kount’s Device Data Collector (DDC), which helps identify the customer’s device in real time when they visit the checkout page.

Benefits of using the DDC include:

  • Optimized fraud predictions using IP address, location, network type, user language, time zone, and more device characteristics
  • Linking of devices to individual or multiple users
  • Identification of the specific location of the originating transaction
  • Identification of the type of network being used
  • Identification of the device’s time zone and language settings
  • Using Pre-Payment and Post-Payment Flows to Prevent Card-Testing

Moneris merchants can implement Kount to assess the fraud potential of a transaction before or after the authorization. To determine which is best for the merchant, consider:

  • Does the merchant have issues with card testing?
  • Does the merchant rely on bank authorization information, such as AVS, CVV and Payment Authorization?
  • Can they derive ROI while not sending obvious fraud transactions for processing?

  • Pre-Payment

    Kount recommends implementing pre-payment flow so that card testing is identified immediately after a customer places an order, and the transaction is declined before authorization and prior to gateway fees being applied.

    It is important to use Mode U (Kount Update) when implementing the pre-payment flow. Mode U updates Moneris Kount of the payment’s authorization status, as well as any AVS or CVV checks performed, for the merchant to review. Mode U also feeds this information for machine learning and improved AI performance.

    Benefits of the pre-payment flow:

    • Ideal to deter card testing fraud.
    • Reduces costs by reducing potential authorization and 3D Secure checks.
    • Uses velocity check rules to reject transactions.
    • Allows the merchant to avoid processing fees on orders flagged or blocked by Moneris Kount.

    An update RIS call (MODE=U) must be made to update order number and status of payment authorization, including AUTH, AVS, and CVV data provided by the Moneris Gateway. For pre-payment queries, the AUTH=A field is hardcoded until the Mode=U update call is made to update the AUTH values.


    In the post-payment flow, card testing is identified after other verification checks have been performed. Therefore, transaction fees will apply.

    Benefits of the post-payment flow:

    • If the merchant wants AVS and CVV included in the Kount analytics.
    • All payment gateway information can be passed to Kount (Authorization, AVS, CVV), allowing rules to be created regarding AVS and CVV data.
    • Provides more data for risk analysis.
    • With a single RIS query, the payment authorization information is already sent to Kount so no updated risk call is necessary.

    Creating API Keys and Testing the Solution

    The Kount API Key is required to authenticate to Kount and is specific to the environment in which it is implemented. If you have ordered the Moneris Kount Enterprise solution, you will be assigned a Kount Client Success Manager who will provide you with your test API key, along with your Kount MID and SITE ID credentials. Merchants who have ordered the Moneris Kount Essential solution can obtain a test API key, Kount MID and SITE ID by contacting clientintegrations@moneris.com. The Moneris Gateway QA URL for testing risk inquiries is https://esqa.moneris.com and the URL for test Device Data Collector calls is https://tst.kaptcha.com