New Additions to Moneris Checkout

Moneris Checkout, our hosted payment solution that allows merchants to process online payments on their website now supports 3-D Secure (3DS) 2.0 and Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP).

From a development perspective, all that is required to support 3DS 2.0 and MCP is an integration to our Moneris Checkout (MCO) solution and a quick configuration in the Merchant Resource Center (MRC).

3-D Secure

3DS is an authentication standard that enables real-time cardholder authentication between merchants and issuers providing an additional layer of security before authorization.

In addition, merchants who were using 3DS 1.0 via MCO will automatically have their transactions sent to 3DS 2.0. Moneris will also control this transition from 3DS 1.0 to 3DS 2.0 within MCO. It is also important to note that there are new fields in the Moneris Checkout response for 3DS 2.0.

Key Benefits of 3DS 2.0

  • Improved fraud detection1
  • Helps reduce fraud chargebacks
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment (70% less in comparison to 3DS 1.0)1
  • Faster checkout times (85% reduction from 3DS 1.01

Multi-Currency Pricing

With MCP, checkout for international customers is made easy as they can conveniently shop online using over 1202 global currencies.

Key Benefits of MCP

  • Attract new international customers by converting browsers into buyers3
  • Reduce cart abandonment with transparent pricing for customers
  • Improve customer experience by displaying prices in the shopper’s preferred currencies
  • Minimize disputes and chargebacks that can result from price misinterpretation
  • Access competitive real-time FX rates with the ability to hold foreign exchange prices for periods of time
  • Participate in revenue sharing4

A sales order is required to enable 3DS and/or MCP on your merchant account.

Moneris Checkout Integration guide


1“Frictionless Experience with Verified by Visa” – Risk-based authentication case study – data supplied by CA Technologies and RSA

2The number of currencies supported may change or vary. Not all currencies may be available at all times. Moneris has the right to add, delete or suspend from the list of supported currencies.

3You are responsible for complying with any laws, including privacy laws that may apply to you/your business because of selling to international customers.

4The applicability and amount of revenue share may vary and depends on the terms and conditions of your agreement with Moneris.

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