Processing a Vault Payment in Merchant Resource Centre with Credential on File

Visa and MasterCard recently introduced Stored Credential Transaction Framework requirements for merchant-initiated transactions and cardholder-initiated transactions. The Framework, effective October 12, 2018, defines rules and requirements for initial storage and subsequent use of payment credentials. Please see the blog post here.

 As per our May 2018 notification, there was a recent change to our transaction processing in the Merchant Resource Centre (aka Virtual Terminal) to ensure you are able to process a transaction with a stored credential correctly.

 When initiating a purchase or a preauthorization transaction, you will now have to perform an additional step in selecting the Payment Indicator in addition to what you are currently doing.

 Please see the sample flow below:

  1. It is presumed you are logged into the Merchant Resource Centre
  2. Select Terminal
  3. Select Purchase or Preauth
  4. Fill out all required fields including Data Key
  5. Select the correct ECI indicator pertaining to how you obtained the credit card record, there should be no change here from your previous process.
  6. Select the Payment Indicator based on this criteria

 R = Recurring payment – scheduled payment charged at the same interval and for the same amount. This also applies to a manually entered data key.

 U = Unscheduled Merchant-Initiated transaction - a transaction that is initiated by the merchant and not processed on a scheduled basis. For example, a snow plowing company that only bills after it provides services after a snowstorm.

 Z = Unscheduled Cardholder-Initiated Transaction - a transaction initiated by the cardholder. For example, cardholder ordering a pizza and asking the pizzeria to charge the card they already have on file 

  1. Follow your existing procedures