Step by Step Guide for Batch File Upload Processing

Below we have outlined the steps to set up an SFTP account for Batch Processing

Requesting and obtaining your account credentials

  1. Sign up for a developer account on the Moneris Developer Portal:
    • Proceed to the signup page here to create a user account
  2. Once you have created an account, log in to the Developer Portal to request a personal Batch Upload account:
    • If you are still in development and would like to test this process in our QA environment, please follow these steps.
      1. Request a personal test merchant account
        • In the right side menu, click on 
        • Next, select 
        • Once you have received a test Store ID and API Token, you can now request to have an SFTP account setup for this test store
      2. Request your test SFTP account credentials
        • In the Developer Portal Scroll down to the page footer and look for columns with headings, one of which will be "Register With Us"
        • Under "Register with Us", one of the links will say "Request Batch Upload Account" and it will take you to the following page where you can register by filling out the form.
        • To ensure this is setup for your QA account, please make sure that Environment is set to QA
  3. Once you are ready to proceed to production and already have a production merchant account, please follow these steps:
    • Request your Production SFTP account credentials:
      • Same step as above in QA, please return to the "Request Batch Upload Account" page (here) where you can register by filling out the form.
      • To ensure this is setup for your Production account, please make sure that Environment is set to Production.  Please also make sure your Merchant Name, Merchant Number, and contact details are accurate as we will need to be able to contact you.

Once you complete this request form, this information will be sent to us and we will create a Batch File Upload user account for you. Once created we will send you your SFTP credentials for this account by Fax or secure email. Reminder, we may need to contact you to validate a few details. 

Accessing and Using Your Account

  1. The next step is for you to download/develop an SFTP client (example: Filezilla or WinSCP which are both freeware, I will use Filezilla in this example) so that you can access your SFTP account and directories.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, you can open the program and enter your credentials as shown in the below screenshot. Make sure to set the appropriate host based on whether you are processing in the test environment or in production:
    • In the example below I have used the host s because I am using a test batch account. However, if you are processing a batch transaction using a production batch upload account, you would enter s in the Host field. Also, the Port must always be 22.
    • Details about our different Host URLs can always be found here
  3. Click Quickconnect and it should load all that you see below:
  4. The very first time you connect to your account you will see the etc folder. Only after uploading your first CSV Batch file will you see the regular root directory. Before doing this, however, you will need to create a batch file.

Creating your first batch file

  • The example below is of five regular purchase transactions (all with unique order IDs, or else it will not work). You can find more details about the layout and other transaction options in the Batch Upload section of the Developer Portal. The last step is to save the file in a CSV format as you can also see illustrated in the screenshot below.
Please Note In this example I used Excel to create and then save my file in CSV format. But please be careful to ensure that your file doesn’t remove decimal places on the amount, round any card numbers or truncate your expiry dates to 3 digits. All columns need to be set for text format if using Excel. It’s always recommended to spot check your CSV file in a tool like Notepad or TextPad before uploading it for processing, just in case.


Uploading and Processing Batch Files

  • Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to process your first Batch File Upload.
    1. Drag the file into the empty space below the etc folder and then hit the refresh button on the toolbar at the top (you might have to click it more than once):
    2. You should see the below appear in place of the etc folder.

    3. Now, every time you log into your account, you will see the below and all you have to do to execute an upload is drag the file into the empty space illustrated by the red rectangle:

    4. As soon as you drop the file there, it will go through two different folders:
      • Processing Folder: it will appear here while the transaction is happening until it is completed. Please do not remove, alter, or open files while they are in this folder. They are processing.
      • Out Folder: an .out file will appear here as a response to what occurred during the batch file upload. It will give you responses for every transaction that was to be processed during the upload.
      You will find an example of the Out directory as well as how the response (.out) file looks like below. To view the file you can right click on it and select the "view/edit" option. Or, you can also move the file to your local directory, by dragging it from the right hand “Remote Site” back to the left hand “Local Site”.