Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass

Business studies have shown that shopping cart abandonment is a major issue for online merchants, with a large number of users getting frustrated at the checkout stage.  The abandonment rate varies from 60 to 80 per cent. How can you make the checkout process easier for your customers while reducing fraud?  One easy way to accomplish this is to implement acceptance of Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass. These online digital wallet services make it easier and faster for customers to checkout – customers don’t have to fill in all their personal information (name, address, payment information) since they‘ve already done that in their digital wallet and stored it in the cloud. 

What are the benefits for you as a merchant?

More traffic on your site

  • Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass have millions of registered users.

Higher conversion rates

  • Customers who are signed up for Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass are much less likely to abandon their shopping carts since they can check out with a few clicks after logging in to their account.
  • By featuring these universally recognized card brand wallets for checkout, you can increase your customers’ trust and sense of security when shopping on your site.

Less fraud

  • Customers who check out using Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass are much less likely to be fraudsters since their card information is authenticated by the card brands through the issuing financial institution.
  • Let the card brands help you.  You can leverage the tremendous resources of Visa and Mastercard in their fight against card fraud by using their authentication process and their risk detection tools.

Easy implementation

  • It’s free. Moneris, Visa and Mastercard do not charge fees for using their digital wallet services. If you’re building your own payment page, your only costs are related to development and hosting.
  • Both Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass support all browser-based channels (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) as well as Android and iOS apps for in-app payment.
  • You can add these digital wallet services to your e-commerce site without any downtime (according to Visa and Mastercard)

Making the checkout process as frictionless as possible is a key factor in the success of online commerce in light of fierce competition. Accepting digital wallets can benefit your bottom line by pushing up top line revenue while reducing the burden of fraudulent transactions.

Start development now

If you are a Moneris merchant using our e-commerce payment services (via Hosted Pay Page or one of our APIs), the process is simple:

  1. Login to your account on the Merchant Resource Centre (MRC). If required, use the menu bar to switch to Canada – English or Canada – Français.
  2. Under Admin, complete a profile for Visa Checkout or Mastercard Masterpass (or both). For detailed guidance, refer to Mastercard Masterpass Configuration and/or Visa Checkout Configuration in chapter 13 of the MRC User Manual .
  3. Add the Visa Checkout and Mastercard Masterpass functionality to your e-commerce site:
  • Via Hosted Pay Page: use the MRC (Admin → Hosted PayPage Config) to configure your page to include the digital wallet icons. For guidance, call 1-866-562-4354 or email us at Your payment page will be updated immediately with Visa Checkout and/or MC Masterpass.
  • Via a Moneris API: go to the Visa Checkout and/or MC Masterpass page here on the Developer Portal to review the sample code, download the APIs, and add the digital wallet(s) to your site.
  • If you need help, contact us.

Soon you’ll Be Payment Ready for digital wallets!


Robert Shairulla

Robert is a technical writer in the Product team at Moneris. He writes end-user documentation for a variety of payment solutions, focussing on helping merchants to make the most effective use of our products. He has worked in the technology space for the past 20 years.