INTERAC DirectPost

Does DirectPost for INTERAC still exist as an option?

If so, where can we find documentation for implementation?


  • Hello,

    DirectPost is legacy, it may be a good idea to switch to hosted pay page or API. Please reach out to us at and include the link to this post.

    Thank you.
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    Thank you-

    We are already set up for HPP and are developing hosted tokenization for Credit Cards. We were hoping there was a cleaner way to do Interac (similar to hosted tokenization) than the HPP without the need for additional compliance.

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    Hello Brennan,

    Other than HPP we do not have a hosted Interac Online solution. Instead it is either HPP or direct API integration.

    Thank you.
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    Thank you for your response-

    We are currently using Moneris HPP for Interac, and I have examined the documentation for directing clients to INTERAC directly and then using the Moneris API to process the payment.

    Other than submitting the screenshots of the test cases for process flow and having SSL, is there any other requirements we would need to meet?

    Thank You
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    Thank you for asking, yes there are requirements.

    As direct post is the equivalent to API InteracOnline certification, there are three sections we recommend to review and understand for speed-track development.

    You should review the entire InteracOnline section and pull out the relevant pieces based on your code scope but these 3 sections are the core framework.

    First section is the Merchant Requirements Checklist: Requirements Checklist
    - please pay special attention to sections 2, 3 and ensure you send the screen captures and this is where most integrators miss.
    - as part of this section , be sure to go to this section and download the updated InteracOnline logos as you need to be compliant to Interac's branding guidelines. Documents and References

    Then there are certification requirements to create you InteracOnline profile: and Certification Requirements
    - You will need an InteracONline certificatin profile to run test profile to start running the test cases. Please e-mail with Certification

    Lastly there are certification test case details that you need to run through: Test Case Details

    Thank you.