Google Pay on Web



We need to integrate "google-pay" via moneris. I am able to set up the example provided at But when the encrypted token from Google gets passed to moneris, I get a "Global Error" with "900" code, which basically means Moneris gateway was unable to decrypt the token.


From the docs it seems, Moneris won't be doing the decryption for web apps (however it does it for Android Apps via the SDK). Is there any way to handle this for a web app.


Can anyone comment if they were able to do it for a web app?




  • Hi there. Actually we do support doing decryption for Google Pay over the web. The Moneris Google Pay library takes the whole pay load chunk from Google (you dont do any decrypting): MonerisGooglePay.purchase(paymentData).

    There was an issue with our QA environment with Google Pay that was corrected recently, can you try that again?