In-Store Payment

Does Moneris support a user to user payment from your Application... That is where in your app registered users can make payment to each other and  they receive at their End without having to go through the App owner 

  • Could you provide us more information? Do you mean like an interac e-transfer? Please email us with an example at
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    Its an e-transfer between users on your website.

    A simple illustration goes thus:I own a website, where i receive payment with Moneris. So i also have users who render services to each other. I want a process whereby the users can get to pay each other with Moneris without having to go through me as the website owner.  

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    Hello Unfortunately, we do not support transfer of funds between card holders accounts.
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    Ok. Thanks for your time. I will always comeback when i have other questions to ask. Thanks
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    And also, does moneris support bill payments on interac.

    For example: users want to pay a utility bill to their service provider on my platform. Can Moneris handle this type of request?