IssuerID & Hosted Tokenization


I am using "Hosted Tokenization" under developer account, and able to create vault profile using the temporary token without setting issuer ID 

Then i am able to make vault purchase without setting issuer ID too 

My question is, will be there any problem i the future if i don't set the issuer ID?

In case issuer id is required then how to get it?

The doc says we can do purchase (which i don't want) or do verification request but it requires card number which i don't pass it for PCI compliance 

Thanks for your support and help !


  • Hi,

    Any time that you use a stored card, Credential on File objects (including Issuer ID) have to be passed.

    In your case you are using Hosted Tokenization and initially getting a temporary token that you then also use to perform a purchase. Assuming you have no intention of storing the card, the Issuer id is not required. However, If you plan on storing the card, then you need to pass the COF objects. This purchase will now be considered your initial transaction (with a null value issuer ID) and will consequently return the issuer id in the response field. Once this initial transaction is complete you can proceed to add this temporary token into the vault for future transactions. This would be done by making that token permanent through Vault Add Token (resAddToken). For future transactions you will use the initial Issuer Id returned form the first transaction or the Issuer ID returned from the most recent transaction

    For more information on credential of file mandate please consult the developer portal:
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    Thank you very much