Always getting 'Failed CF transaction' in QA site

Sometime, we are getting 'Failed CF transaction' response every transactions submitted.

I am using Store ID: monca00392, ps_store_id 8N2C600392.

I've tried card # 5454545454545454, paid $10, $5, and  also tried always approve card numbers,  4924190000003750 and got same result.

After some time, I believe next day, with the same amount and same card, the transactions are proved.

Can someone explain this behavior?

  • I notice the the ps_store_id 8N2C600392 stop approving payment after someone tried to load the Moneris paypage twice with same order_id. I wonder if that will cause the store malfunction.
  • In reply to AmyXC:


    You need to use a separate order if for each transaction or else the transactions will cause an error.

    It seems like the convenience fee added on top of the initial amount is causing the transaction to fail due to the behavior of our penny value simulator.

    I would recommend looking through the following document to see the expected responses based on the amounts passed for the transaction. Value Simulator