Interac Implementation using php



I am using interac payment transaction. And I found a transaction array,The array is

'cust_id'=>'my cust id',


My question is what is the idebit_track2 what are the two values

  • Please take a look at the details of interac transaction flow here but briefly, the first step is to send a "Fund Guarantee Request" to IOP gateway (Interac). IOP directs the cardholder to an issuer of the cardholder's selection (eg. a bank). Then, a response is returned to your funded/non-funded URL. This response contains several variables, one of which is IDEBIT_TRACK2, which is the value returned by the issuer. It includes (or represents) the PAN (card number), expiry date, and transaction ID. Now, the second step is to send a purchase request to Moneris Gateway using the variables you got in the response (including idebit_track2).

  • In reply to ME_Moneris:

    At Fund Guarantee Request, How would I set some parameters?
    For example, 'from Section 9', 'your unique invoice number', 'from Moneris Solutions'.

    And also how can I implement this form request at php? I'd like to get sample full codes. From "Fund Guarantee Request" to idebit_purchase step. Thank you.