Check recurring transactions from API

My apologies if this has been asked previously, but is there no way to check or validate that a recurring payment has in fact been processed.

For example, we are using the API to register a both one time and recurring transactions and store the response info in a database so that we can generate tax receipts when payments are processed and to generate sales reports.

We would like to run a nightly routine to validate if a payment has been successfully processed or if it was decline for any reason.

Looking through the documentation and code samples I do not see a way of doing this.

Thanks for any input.

  • That can not be done from the API;you can get the details of recurring transactions from the Recurring Transaction Reports on the Merchant Resource Center.
  • In reply to ME_Moneris:

    Please add this as soon as possible since its very basic for any Payment API to have webhook for the recurring payment done so we can check status whether payment happened on every cycle or not. Every service need this to update services for that user who have failed to pay on upcoming cycles.