URI for testing the XML-DTD api (and for production)


I am trying to test Moneris Gateway API as described in https://github.com/Moneris/eCommerce-Canada-DTDforXML.

However, I cannot find where the parameters of http request are documented (hostname, uri, additional http header fields required in request, if any)

- I can see that https://esqa.moneris.com/mpg should be used for testing my test store, however, this is a web-based interface not suitable to XML requests

I am guessing that the address is: https://esqa.moneris.com//gateway2/MpgRequest, but I would like to know:

  • where is this documented
  • what other info I need to send along with xml payload (other headers, if any)
  • and of cours, we would need the same info for production site

Thanks, George