Erroneous response codes returned for Visa card simulator?

There seem to be seven different cases in which response codes returned from the penny value simulator for Visa cards return values that don't correspond with those listed in the documentation. To ensure that this wasn't an application specific issue, I decided to go test things out in the test environment Merchant Resource Center, and I was getting erroneous codes there as well.

These first four all return a 01/27 approved response when they should be rejected:

  • 83/074: Declined System Problem / Retry/Unable to Authorize (0.21)
  • 61/483: Call For Auth / Over Daily Limit (0.61)
  • 63/074: Declined Cannot Process / Retry/Unable to Authorize (0.63)
  • 65/481: Declined / Number times used (0.65)

These next three all return a system timeout error code (68/810) when the documentation seems to imply that they should be approved:

  • 01/027: Approved - 30 second delay (0.96)
  • 01/027: Approved - 35 second delay (0.97)
  • 01/027: Approved - 40 second delay (0.98)

The bottom of the page says "these responses may change without notice"; is this what happened and changes weren't reflected in the documentation or something else going on? My application should handle all these error cases in theory, but it's hard to verify that when the simulator is acting unreliably.

  • My bad on the latter three, I had missed the info box in the documentation stating that "Transactions with penny values of 91 to 98 may behave unexpectedly due to a delay in the response to terminal causing a timeout to occur.".

    Still, would appreciate any help with the first four cases!
  • In reply to Sakurina:

    It appears the Visa issuer simulator was changed and these values have been changed as well. We will need to update the documentation to reflect these updates.
  • In reply to MB_Moneris:

    This appears to still be indicating the incorrect responses for the penny values listed above. An updated list would be greatly appreciated!


    Also, 0.01 should return "02/483" - Call For Auth, but is returning 005.

  • In reply to Nieminen:

    are you looking at Visa or Mastercard? 005 is typically when there's an issue with the MasterCard simulator and it goes into stand-in mode. Typically when this happens all MC transaction are approved with a 005 response. On occasion there are some issue with the simulated response and the simulator does go down from time to time.
  • In reply to MB_Moneris:

    It was definitely a visa transaction, using the 4242424242424242 card described in the test page.
  • In reply to Nieminen:

    please provide store id and transaction details.