Testing gift cards

While the standard eSelectPlus API has the useful Testing a Solution page with accepted credit card numbers to test against, I have spent the last hour trying to find any kind of analogue for the gift card APIs, and have failed.

Here's what I've found so far in case it can be of help to anyone else:

  • The "moneris" store ID in the test Merchant Resource Center has gift card transactions enabled, whereas stores 1-5 do not
  • The 0311040000001000234 PAN (used in the test code for the API) is accepted by the gift card data inquiry screen. I don't know this card's CVD, but passing the "1111" expiration date seems to let the data inquiry request pass. The card appears to have a $0.00 balance and is active.
  • However, trying to do anything else with this card results in an invalid CVC response code.

Am I missing something here? How am I meant to integration test outside of the production environment without some sort of valid data to test with?