Recurring payment with AVS/CVD verification

I'm using Preauth type with AVS/CVD  to verify transaction before purchase, but I cant use Recurring payment feature for Preauth transaction. I get error: unable to register recurring transaction!

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you.

  • Hello, there could be an issue test store targeting or API fields. Please call 1-866-562-4354, advise you are developing and need assistance with our API. They will route you to Integration Support team. Thank you.
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    Thank you for the quick answer.
    It's working with "Purchase" type transaction correct, but it does not work with "Preauth" type on the test server. I thought the issue should be there, or something wrong?
    Also I did not find any description of recurring order for preauth transactions, therefore I thought it does not work with it.
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    I contacted to the support, but they can't help me.
    They told me to create 'purchase' transaction with recurring order after 'pre-auth/capture', but I can't do that, because I need to do it with different order IDs, otherwise I receive error: "The transaction was not sent to the host because of a duplicate order id".
    I can't create 'pre-auth/capture' and 'purchase' transactions with different orders, because this is the same order in my database. Also I afraid that I'll withdraw funds twice from the customer with these transactions.

    Is there any way to check AVS/CVD before 'purchase' without 'pre-auth/capture' or finde another solution of this issue?
    Thank you.
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    Hello, I pulled this from my java code example.

    I don't think it is possible for you to do a recurring preauth. The reason being is that recurring payments by definition are always purchases and not authorizations.

    However, if you want to test you are welcome to do so. I'm not fully sure if this will work in QA but by all means test this out with one of our test stores (below is a java code example).

    /************************* Recur Variables **********************************/
    /*** at this point you are setting the recurring cycle variables, times scheduling etc **/

    String recur_unit = "month"; //eom = end of month
    String start_now = "true";
    String start_date = "2016/07/28";
    String num_recurs = "12";
    String period = "1";
    String recur_amount = "30.00";

    /************************* Recur Object Option1 ******************************/
    /***setting the recurring object

    Recur recurring_cycle = new Recur(recur_unit, start_now, start_date,num_recurs, period, recur_amount);

    /************************* Recur Object Option1 ******************************/

    /* when I typed in preauth. in my eclipse console it gave me setRecur() method as an option. However, that does not necessarily mean our system will accept it due to the possibility that recurring can only be a purchase by definition. **/

    Try a couple of these out and if they work try a small test case in production before live in your own store. Let's keep in touch here on this.
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    Thank you for your answer.
    Recurring purchase does not work with 'preauth' method, therefore I used 'card verification' before 'purchase' method.