Migrating from legacy COM API to the new API (including Vault / tokenization)

We have been working with a customer that has been using the COM api for over a decade.


In the past week, we implemented the new API and had the customer add the 'vault' features on their site.  Everything else in our configuration has remained the same.  The only thing that has changed is that we're using the newer API which tokenizes the credit card.


Everything works great in the sandbox environment.  This is leading me to believe that perpahs the customer needs to give us a new set of credentials or something.  Regardless:


When we attempt to tokenize a card, we run it through:

var usResAddCc = new ResAddCC("4111111111111111", "2310", "7");



IMonerisReceipt receipt;


receipt = _httpsPostRequest.GetReceipt(usResAddCc);

receipt.GetMessage = null: Transaction not allowed: Resolver

Were we supposed to have the customer do anything more than add the vault features to their site.  I'm confused that this works fine in the test environment, but not on production.


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  • I just realized that in our sandbox environment, we don't have AVS enabled, but the customer (in production) does have AVS enabled. Would that produce this type of error?
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    I added the AvsInfo object to the transaction and I'm getting the same error. No dice.
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    Hello, this indicates that the vault is not enabled on the test account you are using or that the add permission is not grated on a particular test store. Could you e-mail us your test store please at eproducts@moneris.com if you are using a custom test store. If you are using our general test store such as store1, store[2,3,4], moneris etc, please advise in your reply below.
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    Thanks so much! I'm working with my customer and they should have the vault in place in the next day or two.