SDK/API Implementation for Mobile APP.

Hi Team,


We are developing a cross platform app in xamarin for both Android and iOS platforms. We have studied about the SDK and Api interfaces for Android and iOS Pay.

As we seen that in both SDK in the form of native library elements for Android and iOS, but we are developing app in c# (.Net/liberary in .dll form).

The general scenario of our application to selling foods, and now we need payment service for following platform.

  1. Android (xamarin)
  2. iOS (xamarin)
  3. Web (AngularJS)

     Server :- NodeJS

Question :-

  1. Can we use Api for all above platforms without using SDK?
  2. What is the process of Api integration in NodeJS for both platform.
  3. Is there are any component/Library for developing for xamarin cross platform? 


We are a waiting for your valuable feedback.

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Inwizards Team 

  • We do not have a NodeJS API. If you are looking for payment processing you could look at implementing a direct integration to our gateway in XML. This means you would need to build the request and send it to our gaetway. Building the messaging to and from our gateway. This would mean that you not be using any of our library files to facilitate sending the request, instead building the request and sending an XML Post to our host. With a combination of this and our Vault service you could store the card on file then use tokens to process in-app payments.