Developer test credentials, where are they used?

Hi, i'm wondering where the test credentials are used. I have a test store and api key.  But if I try to log into the test back end ( to set up hosted tokenization, I can't login because I don't know my username, and its not my email address. 

The help icon besides "Test Credentials" says "You will need your Developer Portal login credentials and your test store ID to login to the QA Merchant Resource Center." But I can't log in.


If I try using my api key and store ID with a generated hosted token from ( with the demouser account I get an error "Cannot find previous"

And to test everything I'm going to use the test credentials found in the testing documentation. So that leave the question, what is the Developer profile api key and store_ID used for?



  • Hello,

    to login into Merchant Resource Centre, please use the username, the qa storeID and password shown at login if you are using general test stores such as store1, store2, store3, store5.

    However, if you created your own test store, please login with your Developer Portal username, password and your custom Store_ID generated for you under Request QA Account under Full Profile page.

    Under admin you will need to create a Hosted Tokenization profile and copy it.

    For hosted tokenization you will insert the hosted tokenization profile ID into the javascript request into your html page as shown in our sample code on our dev portal at , menu, Hosted Solutions, Hosted Tokenization. Clicking teh submit button will connect you to our systems and post a temp token back to you. You will use this token (which lasts only 15 minutes as it is a temporary token) and then submit a vault admin transaction such as res_add_token or a financial transaction such as res_purchase_cc (please see the API section of our developer portal under the main menu, API, Vault).

    Lastly, the store_id and API token are authentication credentials for you code intended to ensure you are the correct merchant. They should be kept safe and obfuscated from source code as well as protected in transmission to our environment.

    If you have any further questions, plesae feel free to call customer service and request development help.
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    Hi, Thank you, But I still do not have a username. the test credentials only give me store ID and an API key. I can't login without the username
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    If you generated a custom store, the username is your e-mail address. The same email address you used to register for an account on the developer portal.

    If you are having issues, please call out Contact Centre to assist you over the phone. Perhaps that would be more effective way to assist you with your case.