Is funded/landing page mandatory for Interac Online?

In our solution, users access online services, like video-on-demand, through a kiosk-like (single app, single window) device. We use hosted paypage system to let users make payment for service, e.g. watching a movie. Typically, when our system receives payment notification, we want to minimize the number of steps/clicks required from users to start the purchased service (we typically operate in healthcare environment, dealing with elderly or disabled people). So our initial implementation does not display a funded/landing page when the transaction was successful (when we receive the redirect from Moneris) and we start the purchased service immediately, e.g. playing the movie. During the purchase flow, the user has the ability to enter an email address to get a receipt of the transaction, containing all the mandatory details.

If our customer wants to use Interac Online, would the above flow still be compliant with Interac Online requirements? It seems that Interac Online requires to display additional fields on the landing page (ISSNAME and ISSCONF). We include these fields on the receipt, but is it mandatory to have an interstitial screen with those fields visually displayed on screen to the user?

  • The requirement is to provide a confirmation page with the iss name and iss confirmation number. This could be displayed on the page before the window with the video or content is displayed but as per the Interac requirements they want this info displayed somewhere on the page.
  • In reply to MB_Moneris:

    Ok, thanks for confirming, that was my understanding too. Initially there wasn't any page displayed (the landing URL was simply triggering a redirect that would play the video right away, without displaying anything), but I've already changed the flow to add a real landing page with the required/mandatory information.