PGP Public Key and Private Key question

Hi All,


I am exporting my data to Moneris, and trying to create a PGP public key as mentioned in this link

How can I create that Key using detail below, I mean where is comment field?

VAU and ABU Setup Steps

If processing VAU or ABU request files, ensure the following steps have been completed prior to uploading a request file for processing.

  1. Create a GPG public and private key pair.
    1. Use the Moneris Merchant ID (Number) as the comment field.
    2. The comment field is a prompt when creating the key.
    3. For the test environment, please use your production merchant ID.
    4. Note for PGP users: The merchant ID will have to be added in the Full name field.
  2. Export the public key in ASCII key file format and rename the file name extension .gpg (e.g merchant1.gpg)
  3. Log into the Moneris SFTP account using your batch account username and password.
  4. SFTP the public key into SFTP home directory on the Moneris server
    1. Moneris will use the public key to encrypt the response file
    2. Any new gpg public key uploaded to the Moneris server will replace the previous public key and will be used accordingly
    3. Please note that only the response file will be encrypted. The request file should not be encrypted.

Any help please?