Testing Interac hosted pay page


I am creating an interac redirect url through my application as such:

    interac_params = {}
    interac_params["ps_store_id"] = debtor.collection_request.organization.payment_processor_hosted_page_id
    interac_params["hpp_key"] = debtor.collection_request.organization.payment_processor_hosted_page_key
    interac_params["cust_id"] = debtor.id
    interac_params["charge_total"] = amount.to_s
    interac_params["email"] = debtor.email
    interac_uri = URI(url)
    interac_uri.query = interac_params.to_query


Is there any way to send this value as a parameter so I don't have manually do this every time? Or do I have to use a different route then the hosted pay-page from moneris s.a. going directly to the interac url?


  • Also, I don't seem to be getting the idebit_track2 value from the test payment gateway either if I decide to hit the "fund payment" button. I get the ISSCONF and ISSNAME only.

    Isn't that something that should be part of the payload sent back to build the final purchase object?
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    I dont understand your question? What value are you referring to... a URL value? Yes you can go directly to Interac Online, however if you go this way, the certification is fairly lengthy. The quickest way would be to just post to our hosted paypage, and let our hosted paypage manage the Interac Online portion.

    Once your on the Interac Online test page (the one with the funded and non funded buttons), you will have to input one of the track2 values from our documentation. For example 3728024906540591206=01121122334455000
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    Just one more thing I want to add. Its not a good idea to display Interac Online within an iframe. Some banks will return an error in such case.
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    Yes, that's exactly what I meant. Essentially, the question is there a way to send the track2 number as a parameter to the hpp call (as an attribute same as lang, charge_total and ...) instead of having to copy-paste it manually into the resulting form that appears?

    Also, do you mean that if we use the hpp moneris page, we don't need to obtain any sort of certification? I assumed it was still a requirement.
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    What do you mean by displaying it within an iFrame? Right now, we redirect within a REACT component to the moneris HPP URL, with all the required query parameters.
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    So, to put everything together in 1 message.

    1- When using the Moneris Hosted Pay Page, configured only for interac payments, is there any way to send the track2 value as a query parameter when building the url (instead of having to copy-paste it by hand when the redirect is completed)?

    2- When I do use the HPP Moneris test page, and I then manually copy-paste the track2 number, the callback is successful, but does not contain in the payload attributes that same track2 number. Shouldn't it be part of it since I then need it to build the final purchase request? Is that an issue with my configuration or a limitation of the test platform?

    3- If I use this HPP option (instead of calling the interac route directly), are you saying I do not have to go through merchant certification?
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    Hi Michel, to answer your questions:

    The track2 is a value that is returned by Interac Online... its just that in test, you have to input it manually in their test facility. Its not something that you pass to them.

    when using our Hosted Paypage, we don't return the track2 value to you because you don't need it. Our hosted paypage will use the track2 returned by Interac Online to process the transaction on your behalf (you don't build a final purchase request). Hosted paypage will return the results of the transaction... you then display a receipt page. nothing further is needed as far as getting the transaction processed.

    So with the HPP, there is still a certification, but its much less lengthy. For example, no need to go through test cases. With HPP, you only need to provide screen shots of page prior to HPP, and approved / declined page.

    In regards to my iframe comment, what I mean is that, the Interac Online bank selection page, should be loaded as the main document (e.g. address in browser should be showing Interac Online's page). Because banks otherwise will give an error. So for example, if you load Interac Online page in a frame of sorts, when redirecting to bank they may give an error. If you are not sure about this, I would recommend you test it once you are live.
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    I understand for the track2 situation; I just hoped there would be a way of automating it so that we don't need additional manual intervention when testing.

    So, to answer your last comment, no worries as we redirect to the Moneris hosted page. We don't load it in any sort of frame or modal. The HPP then posts the results to our callback url and the magic ensues from there.

    As far as starting the certification process
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    to get certified, you can email eproducts@moneris.com with the account info, fraud contact (name, email and number), logo (120x30 pixels) and screen shots. Once we have that we will forward to Interac and get them to enable the account. When looking at your screen shots, we will make sure it meets requirements of this checklist: developer.moneris.com/.../Merchant Requirements Checklist