Convenience Fee - error 978 Failed CF transaction

I keep getting 978 failed CF transaction with my convenience fee testing and I've tried monca00392 account and it's still the same. Any ideas? I was using the example in

  • This will depend on the test card numbers being used. For example, using test card number 4242424242424242 with an amount of 6.00 will produce 6.10$ which 0.10 is the convenience fee. This will produce an approved transaction as per the simulator penny value listing. if your charge total happens to produce a convenience amount that produces a decline , then the convenience fee transaction will be declined and the transaction will fail We do have listings for always approve card numbers (ex. 4924190000003750) and always declined card numbers (ex. 4355310002576375) which can also be beneficial for testing convenience fee transactions without worrying about an amount that will make the simulator decline the transaction.

    for more information on the simulator penny values and test cards: Value Simulator