Card Type listed as unknown for Mastercard and Visa, response code 055

we are trying to process transactions with Mastercard and Visa but receive Moneris Receipts indicating the Card Type is Unknown , Response 055 and the transaction date is the previous day (see screenshot), we have used a few credit cards now, same responses.

can anyone suggest why the cards are unknowm and the dates are a day off?



  • 055 is typically a card plan that is not accepted. In order to have a card plan added to your account please reach out to your account manager or our sales department.
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    Our account already accepts visa and mastercard, other stores are able to process them. One difference between this store and our others is the use of Preauthorization for Transaction Type.

    Today we changed our Moneris Store account details from Preauthorization to Purchase for Transaction Type, a transaction then worked as expected, so our account does accept these credit cards.

    We are reviewing Moneris Store setup details for Preauthorization purchases as we require this for this store, so far I have not found any solutions to our problem though.

    Can you suggest why changing our Moneris store Transaction Type to Preauthorization causes these errors and what could be done on our end or in the moneris store to fix this?

    thanks again
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    likely the option for preauth is not enabled on the account. You'd have to contact our customer care @ 1-866-319-7450 for assistance with this.
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    The Preauthorization feature was successfully in use the last 4 years.

    This app and store is typically used Sept-Jan , we are trying to use the same store and app (have added data preload code to this time).
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    You'll need to contact our customer care @ 1-866-319-7450. Preauth is not enabled on the account.