Interac HPP only returning ERROR 959

I am unable to get any interac call to return correctly. This is for testing purposes, while I await my certification response.

I am using a Hosted Pay Page solution on Store3 (tried on Moneris as well) only for interac purchases. I tried creating 2 other test pages in case something was wrong with my process. This used to work a few weeks ago.


Right now, any call I make leads to the interac test portal (http). I then use any of the 3 IDEBIT2 strings provided at, with RBC and 123456. And every single time, I get the following response, when selecting "fund ...":


Parameters: {"response_order_id"=>"4353432 - xyz - 1569776319", "date_stamp"=>"2019-09-29", "time_stamp"=>"12:59:52", "bank_transaction_id"=>"", "charge_total"=>"1631.0", "bank_approval_code"=>"", "response_code"=>"959", "iso_code"=>"", "message"=>"ERROR", "trans_name"=>"idebit_purchase", "cardholder"=>"", "f4l4"=>"***", "card"=>"n/a", "expiry_date"=>"", "result"=>"0", "ISSNAME"=>"RBC", "ISSCONF"=>"123456", "INVOICE"=>"Interac - 1569776319", "email"=>"", "cust_id"=>"dfsdfsdfwe4234esfgdg", "note"=>""}


Did anything change?