Credit card locked

In a hosted payment page, if the cardholder has reached the number of retries (because of the option "Automatically prompt cardholder for new card number on decline") and gets his card locked (response code 481), how can his card be "unlocked" again. I am now in the test environnement but i would like to know what would be the solution in the production environnement also.

  • There is no number of tries before the card gets locked (from our side). If a card is locked then they'd need to go to their issuer (number on the back of the card)
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    But by testing the checked option "Automatically prompt cardholder for new card number on decline", after the number of tries, I'm told to use another card so the test card 5454****5454 can not be use for other payments (response code 481). Is it possible to reset that card.
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    The response is based on the penny value response table. You can find it in the testing section in the footer of the developer portal.