Duplicate payment when "Transaction Not Completed Timed Out"


I am using your Hosted Tokenization form to process payments on my website and some time I get duplicated payments when your server return this error :

"Transaction Not Completed Timed Out".

It seems that sometimes, the payment is processed even if the error is returned. Is that possible?

On my side (in PHP), every time I get an exception from the server I do a void automatically if it's a CVD or AVS error code but when it's a "Transaction Not Completed Timed Out", it doesn't seem to get voided.

I am using this library : https://github.com/ironkeith/moneris-eselectplus-api

We are tired to do manually refund (void) when this happens.

I don't know what to do...

Thanks !

  • Hi,

    I would recommend setting the status check variable to "true" and resending the same transaction. When the boolean value is set to "true", our gateway will look for the transaction and if one is found, it will return a status check response and if a transaction is found, it will return the receipt elements from that transaction that had timed out. If the status check comes back and the transaction was not found, then it's safe to re-send the transaction with status check set to "false". I believe this option should resolve your duplicate issues.

    For more information on status check: developer.moneris.com/.../Purchase