Transactions with TD Bank not working

If you use TD (Canada Interac) to pay, it says there's no available cards, then Moneris says the response is corrupted.  Please fix.

  • Today when I tried to run a purchase, my creds had been blown away from TD, and their Access Card ID would only accept 14 digits. My card is 16 digits. I called up customer support. They say they're aware of the issue and they're not going to fix it. They have switched over to VISA Debit and Moneris will have to update its systems.
    Please fix!
  • So apparently it works if they go through the Credit Card Flow. You just need to remove the TD Canada Trust logo from the Interac Payment Screen.
  • This is an Interac Online issue. They haven't taken down the TD Canada Trust option.
  • Hi, last I heard TD's Interac Online service only supports classic debit cards, and not Visa Debit cards (for example 16 digit cards). If you are a TD client you can confirm this with them.

    Besides this, Interac Online and TD are currently investigating the issue you described below in regards to Interac Online.