How dows AVS Work?

Based on the introduction in Moneris development portal site,  the transaction will go through no matter the AVS result.

What we want is:

if the address does not match,  then refuse the payment.

Is that possible?  How to do it?



  • Hello,

    While AVS is an added security and fraud prevention feature, AVS result does not affect the approval of the transaction from the issuing bank. Based on the AVS result, you have the option of Voiding the transaction.

    However, please note that due to small variations in street address format, otherwise valid transactions can also fail AVS. We recommend going through the AVS code list to make a more informed business decision from you end on when to void particular transactions that have failed AVS.

    More information on AVS result codes can be found at: Result Codes

    Moneris eProducts