Card Verification with Credential on File


why description in section Card Verification with Credential on File is the same as Card Verification with CVD & AVS on this page:

I'm a little confused. 

I'm looking for information about Card Verification with Credential on File for Mastercard’s in accordance with this article:

  • From an integration perspective you will have to refer to our specs and not Mastercard documentation, since we are the middle man, and we might not use the same terms as them. COF applies to multiple card brands who each have their own terms, however Moneris offers one integration point, where we manage the different requirements to different card brands on your behalf.

    So the Card Verification is just a transaction type to do a $0 auth on a card, say if you need to do AVS / CVD check without taking an auth or a purchase, or you need to pass COF fields. If you are doing a Card Verification because you plan on storing the card after (say in our vault or some other storage service), then you will have to pass COF fields there as per our specs.