XML documentation for Card Verification with Vault and CVD & CVS


I'm working on attempting a CardVerification transaction using a temporary token provided by the Hosted Tokenization IFrame.

There appears to be documentation for the XML request structure of a card_verification request: https://github.com/Moneris/eCommerce-Canada-DTDforXML/blob/master/DTD%20for%20XML/DTD%20-StandardTransactions/ca_request.dtd

However this documentation does not include formatting for the structure of card verification requests made using temporary tokens (data_key) values provided by the hosted tokenization IFrame.

Is there documentation available for the xml structure for the "Card Verification with Vault and CVD & CVS" referenced on this page: https://developer.moneris.com/en/Documentation/NA/E-Commerce%20Solutions/API/Card%20Verification?


Thanks in advance