Blank Hosted Paypage

I set up a hosted paypage at When I call from a form in my web application the paypage is blank. There's no visible error or message. What can be common reasons for this?

  • Our developer portal is a great resource for general information on hosted payment page including sample post requests, which we recommend you consult if you already haven’t done so: Payment Page

    It is hard to say what might be causing the issue without looking at your post request. If you are still experiencing problems could you please send us an email at and include your post request and store ID(if you have a test/production account with us)
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    That's been done now. Thanks.
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    I figured this out. When the hosted paypage is setup and Allowed URLs are entered - there is some case-sensitivity there. If the Allowed URL has upper case alphas and the calling page is lower case, the paypage doesn't resolve.