What is the penny value to generate Transaction Not Completed Timed Out?

The documentation has a list of 'penny values' that should generate different errors: https://developer.moneris.com/en/More/Testing/Penny%20Value%20Simulator

I'm seeing "Transaction Not Completed Timed Out" intermittently in production and I need to generate this in a test in order to correctly implement the 'status check' as described in this older article:

Duplicate payment when "Transaction Not Completed Timed Out" https://community.moneris.com/product-forums/f/5/t/1083

This response is documented in "Error messages that are returned in the Message field of the response" https://developer.moneris.com/More/Testing/Error%20Messages%20and%20Response%20Codes

What penny value can be used to generate "Transaction Not Completed Timed Out"?  (And if there isn't one, can it please be added?)