Response received from receipt


I received a ticket after making a data Preload request in Hosted pay page. I need to display receipt on our side. In this regard I tried to read xml response as Request.Form["xml_response"]. This is always null. But If I configure Hosted Paypage in Moneris as 'Moneris Gateway will generate a receipt', it will display properly with data. Let me know how to obtain receipt data after the ticket is submitted. We have used Hosted paypage configurations in multiple times without generating a ticket.




Nimal Apaarachchige 

  • Is there anybody to help this???
  • In reply to Nimal:

    Hi Nimal,

    Please find our developer portal that contains documentation on Hosted Pay Page. It lists the response fields that are returned as well as the URL's to post to: Payment Page

    Let us know if you have additional questions.
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    I reached Hosted pay page by passing ticket and the other details. Once the transaction is completed Moneris redirected to my receipt page. I need to show the receipt on my side, but response from Moneris (xml_response) is always null in receipt page. I access response as Request.Form["xml_response"]. Pl advice how to read Moneris response in my receipt page. Thanks