Is Moneris API no longer available for U.S. payments? ( are both down)

I used to be able to process Canadian payments through and U.S. payments through, but the U.S. endpoints no longer exist.

Have they been moved, or is there some other way to process U.S. payments using the same store credentials that are used for the Canadian side?

The current PHP version of the eCommerce unified API ( still uses these endpoints, and all US test are broken because the endpoints no longer exist (

  • The US gateway portfolio was sold to Vantiv who was bought out by WorldPay. They were always 2 different gateways requiring different credentials. Our current gateway support Canadian Business entities in both USD and CAD. In order process USD and CAD you would require two Moneris accounts and 2 bank accounts registered within Canada.
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    Thank you this definitely clears some things up. However...

    Is the documentation ( and/or unified PHP API ( not yet updated to reflect the changes?

    e.g. the documentation says in many places:

    $mpgRequest->setProcCountryCode("CA"); //"US" for sending transaction to US environment


    This will cause the code to hit one of the U.S. endpoints that are no longer in service (according to the current state of the code).

    I'm just trying to get a better idea of what processing U.S. payments will look like if/when I get a second account. Is there something I'm missing perhaps?

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    You are right, any attempt to access the US gateway resources will fail. If you are using a USD canadian Gateway account then you would use 2 different store_id using the Canadian code base. This means needing to manage the store_id and api_token for 2 different stores within the one package so some logic would need to be implemented for that. You would never refer to the US gateway in this scenario.
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    What I'm saying is that both the documentation AND the unified PHP API (the github repo linked to above) are in fact attempting to access the US gateway. They are doing what you are telling me not to do.

    In any case, I think I just have to create a new account configured for USD, and then process USD through, which was previously only used for CAD.

    If this is correct, then the documentation and unified API need to be updated, so that people like me aren't confused about how it works.

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    for a USD Canadian Gateway store (monmpg/monca/gwca) you would not be using the US gateway, you would be using the Canadian Gateway, while still processing in USD. The USD merchant on Canadian Gateway is for Canadian resgistered business entities to be able to process in USD. You would not ever need to point to the US gateway.