Decline transaction if CVD/AVS fail

I am using php with the mpg gateway payment, and I am passing the setCvdInfo object, and the setAvsInfo object, but the transction process event if the address or CVD does not match, is there a way to accept only transaction with CVD/AVS verification correct?

  • The response that is received from AVS/CVD verification is intended to provide added security and fraud prevention, but the response itself does not affect the completion of a transaction. Upon receiving a response, the choice to proceed with a transaction is left entirely to the merchant. The response is not a strict guideline of whether a transaction will be approved or declined.
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    Yeah, that's what the documentation says. But what do I do if the transaction is authorized, but the AVS fails ? I want to decline the transaction in that case, but the system already authorized it. Do I need to issue a "Void" transaction ?
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    OK, upon further research, I think I've got it.
    We first do a PreAuth, with the AVS check. Then, if the transaction is accepted, we do a Completion to either get the authorized amount or to cancel the amount on hold if the AVS failed.
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    Yes thats correct.
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    Thanks for the feedback!  :-)

    This should be mentioned in the documentation for "Purchase with CVD & AVS", since doing that doesn't really make sense after all...

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    I'd like to second goozak's suggestion of adding this to the documentation.