Interact debit purchase

I'd like to get full sample codes for integration of Interac Debit Purchase using PHP. 

I know these steps : 

1: Fund Guarantee Request using <form...></form>

2: Interac Debit Purchase using 




'cust_id'=>'my cust id',





My question is how to make <form...></form> with sample. (not description value like <form action='from Section 9' method='post'>,value='from Moneris Solutions'. Because I need some solution what I have to input at "from Section 9", "from Moneris Solutions")
Secondly my question is how to implement these 2 steps at one php?


Finally, I'd like to get sample php files to implement this. I tried to find it on google, github, moneris, Interactonline. But unfortunately, nothing. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.