Where can I get a list of test credit cards?

We are testing error codes which payment system returns and we need a list of credit cards to test various return error codes. 

i can't find such list anywhere on Moneris website. 

I found some test credit cards on the Stripe website and looks like some of their cards work with Moneris, but as we using Moneris API I prefer that list coming from Moneris.

for example, what card # to use if i want to see "insufficient funds" error?

  • I think that you should be able to use the credit cards on this page: developer.moneris.com/.../Testing a Solution

    You should be able to test various return error codes by setting the $ amount.
    developer.moneris.com/.../Penny Value Simulator

    If you don't have access to the developer login i think it was pretty easy to sign up.

    I came across your post because i was looking for a way to test changes in response codes without changing the $ amount. On a hosted paypage configuration, if you go into the "configure response fields" there is an option to "automatically prompt cardholder for a new card number on decline." Our 3rd party application seems to be having an issue anytime there is a declined order followed by a successful one (with the new order ID having "-r01" tacked onto the end). I suspect it is this re-prompt for credit card that is causing that response that i can't seem to replicate in our test environment.

    If anyone knows of credit card numbers that will provide a different response please let me know. Or if you know of any other way to test this out.