Display 'Array' in hosted paypage iframe

In our production environment the ifram that Moneris paypage suppose to display just show the word 'Array' instead of the page content. This happens on Chrome browser in PC inside our university's network recently and also in some Mac and mobile devices outside of the network. The paypage works in Firefox.

We don't know why this happens. Please help.

  • This happens to my site as well from time to time and it is currently happening for me only in my Chrome browser (my main browser). On all other browsers it works fine. So it must be some sort of cache/session issue? I clear my caches on my Chrome browser and it still doesn't work. I go into my Firefox or IE 11 or Opera or Chrome on another machine and it works just fine. Very very weird.
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    So far it seems to be happening only in Chrome. By the way I am not using an iFrame. I have a web form that redirects to our hosted pay page. On all browsers its receiving the proper data and credentials.

    Here is a list of what Chrome versions its working and not working for us on.

    Not working on

    Brave version 1.5.123 Chromium 80.0.3987.163
    Chrome 85.0.4183.102 official build 64 bit on my linux machine
    Andrew not work on
    On my Mac 85.0.4183.121
    On my Win 7 box 85.0.4183.102
    On my Win 10 box 85.0.4183.102

    Worked on
    Chrome 85.0.4183.83 official build 64 bit (windows 7 browserstack)
    Chrome 84.0.4147.105 official 64 bit on my Mac
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    The error is because of the referrer URL mismatch.  There has been some updates to the browser handling of the referrer URL.  You can gatadditional information about this change on this Google article.



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    I have tried all possible options including installing a module in Drupal that allows me to alter response headers such that I can set it back to no-referrer-when-downgrade.

    Nothing I do works.

    YOUR site still issues an "Array" statement, I don't even know what the error if its an error even means.

    If I use Firefox, IE 11, Chrome less than 85, etc your site works.

    I am thinking that the issue has less to do with a mis configuration of my site than it is with your hosted pay page.
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    The issue is because you have a referrer URL setup in the Hosted paypage Security section and the new browser update truncates the URL to just the domain (depending on your server settings as mentioned in the article linked above).