can we add 3d secure to the WooCommerce Moneris gateway integration?

WE have a Wordpress website using the WooCommerce Moneris gateway to facilitate payments.   we would like to add more security features and are wondering if 3d secure can be integrated into that plugin/gateway?  

  • We have clients using the plugin by Skyverge - not sure which one you are using, but they are responsible for integrating 3D Secure, and they say they are planning to do it soon but have no official ETA.

    It would be really nice if a company as large as Moneris could provide their own Woocommerce plugin.
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    There are multiple third parties who have created plug-ins with Word press, we are not allowed to recommend a specific plugin as the support of the plugin is handled by the 3rd party.

    With our new solution Moneris Checkout which uses 3DS 2.0, there are few plug-ins that uses MCO -ex. Collins Harper plugin
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    I couldn't find any plugins on other than Skyverge. The client is not willing to pay for a custom integration just to use 3DS so they will be requesting a refund.