Using vault and recurring payments

Just a quick question regarding recurring payments and vault. What would be the best way to receive "recurring" payment history using a vault key? For example, if a monthly payment is setup for 12 recurs, transaction gets declined on the 4th period, we would like to run an api similar to "Vault get expiring" to display all recurring transactions that have failed. This information is available within the Merchant Resource Center as a report, however we would like to automate the process by utilizing an API to update our back-end application.



  • This is currently not available through the API; only through the Merchant Resource Center.

    A related feature that you may find useful is the "Account Updater", a feature by VISA and MasterCard that allows you to get updates about your recurring profiles including Brand conversion, Expiry date changes, Card Upgrades, Re-issued cards due to fraud or new programs, Lost or stolen cards . You can find more info here: Updater
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    Sorry to bring this old topic back up, we tried to pull the report through the Merchant Resource Center and noticed that it’s missing the order id and recur id columns which makes integration to our backend difficult. We still need a way to cancel a service if payment was not processed through recur billing. Aside from using the “Account Updater” feature, we still require a method to update our backend directly if a payment was not successful. The report would work if the two missing columns were added. Any other ideas?
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    You should be able to get these 2 fields in the reports - can you email us (at a screenshot of the report you're getting on the merchant resource center as well as the downloaded file? Please include your store ID in the email.