Magento2 + Moneris

Is there currently a way to implement Moneris payment gateway with Magento2? 

  • Moneris is currently working on a solution for those developers wishing to use Magento 2.0 with Moneris. Estimate for completion is Q1 of 2017.
  • Hi emmesaurus, we just received an update on this that Moneris and Collins Harper will be partnering to provide Magento 2.0 to your business. Joint development work is underway with expected completion to be mid-January of 2017. If you happen to have a Moneris account manager they will be able to confirm readiness dates for you. You can also check back with us in mid-January for an update.
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    Is there an update on the timeline for this delivery?
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    There is no update yet. I'll post an update here when there's one. Thank you.
  • Hi, We have a moneris + Magento2 module working. You can contact me at
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    Hi, if looking for a Magento 2 plugin, would you mind emailing us your contact information to

  • Hi there, emmesaurus
    We do have a solution to the integration of Moneris Payment Gateway in Magento 2.
    Contact us at for detailed information

  • Kind of disappointed to see that theres no Moneris supported/provided plugin for 2.x. Collins Harpers site doesn't seem to allow any purchasing / adding to cart of the module, their contact form has continuous errors ... emails unresponded to. Highly probable that I will use another processor so that we can be running sooner and have access to Apple Pay etc.