Test gift cards


Is it possible to add funds to test gift cards that can be found in the Examples dir in following repo https://github.com/Moneris/Gift-Loyalty-API-PHP?

Test card number: 0311040000001000234


If it's not possible where can I get card that has some funds in it? Is it possible to set up Moneris Virtual Gift Card Delivery Service for sandbox account?

  • Hello,

    That particular card is a fixed reloadable card therefore you can reload it.

    If you would like more cards than the ones found in the spec, please e-mail as at eproducts@moneris.com, link this article and advise that you need more cards.

    Thank you.
  • In reply to ND_Moneris:


    It should be fine if I could reload existing card(s). I'm not sure where can that be done though?
    Is it doable somewhere in Merchant Resource Center (esqa.moneris.com/.../index.php)