Getting error code 942 hosted tokenization response error message: invalid credentials

Getting an error code: 942, hosted tokenization response error message: invalid credentials. I created my profile ID and placed it our WooCommerce Moneris Gateway Extension. I call Moneris yesterday and they said all is enabled and things should work. But nothing is working, just keep getting error code. How do I fix this? 

  • did you get a solution to this? I have the same problem
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    no solution yet! Still getting the error. We are using PayPal for order payment until this gets fixed. I have connected with WooCommerce Moneris gateway extension developer SkyVerge. They have given me some troubleshooting things to try and hopefully sort out what is causing the issue. But so far nothing has worked.
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    A bit of additional information that may help.  For the 942 error, it is defined as follows: Invalid Profile ID, or source URL
    That being said, you may be using a profile ID that was set up on your QA store, while targeting our production host, or vice versa.  Another possibility is that the source (or referring) URL isn’t matching what you have set up in the Hosted Tokenization configuration.  Again, this may be a question of what you have set up in your testing and production environments.

    If you continue to experience issues, please send us an email at: and we will be glad to take a deeper look.