Invalid Zip Code

Our Canadian customer getting AVS Response code :N when trying to do payment using moneris payment gateway. His card type is MasterCard. As per our application log payment message is "APPROVED * APPROVAL =" but AVSResultCode is "N" and as per moneris documentation AVSResultCode "N" means "Neither address nor postal code matches" because of this AVS Result resonse code we are rejecting this transaction. We think this might happened because customer may entered zip code with blank space e.g N9E 4S2.


Please suggest that in which condition of zip code code is invalid or AVSResultCode provide Rejected response code?

  • It's the bank doing that validation ultimately so we wouldn't know why they are saying its a no match. We recommend that you remove white spaces when sending us the postal code. Other than that the customer would have to check why the bank is not giving a match on that address.
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    Thanks for the update. As per your suggestion our client did discussion with his respective bank there is no such from issue from bank for "N9E 4S2" this zip code still we are doing further analysis because this is only for this client.
    Could you please let us know if you found any thing regarding this issue?
  • In reply to Azhar:

    There's nothing that we can suggest further other than make sure that you pass it to us with no spaces.