cannot process the payment purchase due to "sql problem" error. us region-production only.

We receive a error message that "sql problem" for US region  in production only. for canada region its working fine on both production and testing.

unable to process any payment in us production region. please help us to resolve the issue.

  • Hello, that error message is returned when we are unable to lookup the original purchase or pre-auth transaction because the txn_num and/or order_id field and/or the amount is not matching in the follow on transactions such as pre-auth completion, purchase correction, refund.

    Please check the txn_num field, the order_id field and ensure they correctly refrelct the txn_num returend and order_id returned from the purchase/preauth transaction.

    Thank you.
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    Thank you for the response.
    I am trying to implement Moneris' payment processor for candian. I am getting an "API token mismatch" and the API token is correct. We tried the Test moneris and it worked. But when we used the Live, with the Api token of the merchant account, then the errors came. ?
    please do the needful.
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    The needful items are in your code.

    You will need to ensure the processing country is set to CA in your code, setTestMode is set to false (this targets production) and of course ensure you have the correct storeID and API token (we recommend pasting the store_id and API token into code/configuration to prevent typos between zero and letter O or between letter I and lowercase l.

    If you are still having issues, please contact our Service Desk for assistance.

    Thank you.