Error in Moneries payment API integration

Hello Sir!

I am from restaurants. I am facing error in integrating moneries payment api.
The error is 
"The 'META' start tag on line 4 position 14 does not match the end tag of 'HEAD'. Line 5, position 9."
 The api informations are as below:
Store ID: gwca017827
Api Versoin: 1.2.7
i am setting HttpsPostRequest class  parameters for transaction  are:
 HttpsPostRequest mpgReq = new HttpsPostRequest();
Am i missing any parameter or the error is due to some other reason?
Before setting he host i was facing the error "Cancelled: Transaction not allowed.No permission for:'cvd_info". We contact the moneries help line they guided to set host. but after setting host now we are facing this error. 
When i posted this error ""Cancelled: Transaction not allowed.No permission for:'cvd_info"." on this portal, your answer was please check that you are using latest api. but i did not find latest API than 1.2.7 from github link
So please help us to debug this error.
Thank you