Get customer information with API

Using the API, is it possible to do a status check (true) and get other customer information (fields cust id, email, note) ?

  • Having Status(true) would give you the status of the transaction corresponding the order_id passed. Fields like customer ID are optional fields provided by the merchant and not Moneris.

    You may find additional information on the developer portal: Fields

    "Status Check is a connection object value that allows merchants to verify whether a previously sent transaction was processed successfully. To submit a Status Check request, resend the original transaction with all the same parameter values, but set the status check value to either true or false. Once set to “true”, the gateway will check the status of a transaction that has an order_id that matches the one passed.
    If the transaction is found, the gateway will respond with the specifics of that transaction.
    If the transaction is not found, the gateway will respond with a not found message.
    Once it is set to “false”, the transaction will process as a new transaction.
    Things to consider:
    The Status Check request should only be used once and immediately (within 2 minutes) after the last transaction that had failed.
    Do not resend the Status Check request if it has timed out. Additional investigation is required."

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    So, getting the transaction status that way is not safe because that could be any time after that 2 minutes.
    What solution Moneris suggets to get information about transactions through an application (other than logging into the Merchant resource center)?
    Thank you
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    Using an API, the only option of getting the status of the transaction is by using the status check flag. Or you could use the Merchant Resource Center to see transaction details.