checkout page. always declined. 055

I am trying to test Moneris Checkout Page. The payment always get declined. Please help!


I created an account, send preload request, got a ticket, called startCheckout(ticket), the credit card payment form showed up.

Whatever I entered, the payment is declined, the code is 055 invalid data unsupported card type.

I used the test credit card number which says 'will always be approved'. I tried hardcode the amount to 5.00 which should be 'always aproved'.

store_id = "monca05226",
api_token = "3TLHJbBH8XNxzdaXcQJ8",
checkout_id = "chkt3HLCN05226",
txn_total = "5.00",
environment = "qa",
action = "preload",